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The Branding Dimension

Our crisp ads and laser sharp targeting make your customers value your brand as their needs and requirements are fulfilled right on time. Over a period of time the relevant messages and successful redemptions will enhance your credibility and cement the awareness and recall of your brand.bulk sms

  • BulkSMS.Com.PK helps you do that with :
  • Timely and well targeted Textual Ads
  • Smartly Crafted Personal Ads

Why are Text Ads effective?
These ads are easy to read. They are sent to specific group of people based on the criteria defined by you - who have real use of the advertised wares. A great way to publicize special offers and brand messages.

What happens next?
The customer receives your ad and gets specific and valuable information about your product/service or promotional offer(s).

  • What you gain from it :
  • Get your customers attention when they most need it.
  • Establish an engaging interaction between your customer and your brand
  • Potential customers become loyal customers as their need has been fulfilled when they needed it.

Why are Personal Ads effective?
Personal Ad is a definite way of getting your SMS advertisement read by potential customers, since they receive these ads along with relevant messages from friends and family members. As the advertiser, you get to connect to your customers better. This bonding will result in creating a loyal customer base.

What happens next?
Your SMS ad accompanies relevant personal messages your customers send to their friends, folks and colleagues.

  • What you gain from it :
  • Reach people through targeted advertising in the messages they receive from their friends and co-workers.
  • Your SMS ad is definitely read since it is sent by someone known to the recipient
  • You reach highly potential customers as your SMS ad is pulled on the basis of relevant keywords contained in the personal message sent by your subscriber

The Direct Response (DR) Dimension

bulk sms delhi The results of any cell phone advertising campaign are precisely measurable as the customer would directly respond to the SMS. This measurability will give you the ability to control your campaign based on the customer response.

  • Here is how BulkSMS.Com.PK helps you do that by :
  • Embedding Redeemable Codes in the ads

Why are Redeemable Codes effective?
BulkSMS.Com.PK sends a redeemable code provided by you with the ad to the target customer using which he can avail of the special offers and discounts.

  • These ads result in :
  • Responses for your discount coupons and promotional offers helping you track which one of your ad campaign is more effective - what copy sells more, to which offer your customers respond more. You may use this information to better position your campaign for higher response rate
  • Redemption of the codes at point of sale will help you track which stores/localities sell more.
    What you gain from it:
  • Reach your coupon or promotional offer directly to your customer with your own branded short code/keyword
  • Create a loyal customer base with heightened awareness about your special offers. Get all the data about which store your ad recipients visited, what they bought and all such relevant info to study customer behavior
  • The code is redeemable only once - so no risk of misuse
  • Make your ad trackable, and its performance accountable
  • Get conclusive data on positive customer responses
  • Generate awareness among potential customers about your ocal promotions

The CRM Dimension (Customer Relationship Management)

bulk sms service providerYou establish your image as someone who cares about their customers. This customer relationship management will go a long way in ensuring their conversion and long term loyalty.
All of BulkSMS.Com.PK solutions ensure that the advertiser’s needs, requirements and perceptions are being taken care of.

  • Here is how BulkSMS.Com.PK helps you do that :
  • Initiating two-way communication with customers
  • Ensuring customer participation

Initiatingtwo-way communication with customers
Interactivity is the name of the game in today’s ”attention economy” where it is increasingly becoming difficult to get your potential customer’s attention.

By being interactive you can involve, engage, hold a two way interaction with your customers which will go a long way in ensuring brand recall and brand loyalty.

Ensuring customer participation :
By holding quizzes - You can initiate interesting quizzes related to your products/services, which will ensure brand recall and customer interest.

By conducting surveys - Surveys related to your product/service vertical will not only give you an actual idea of market sentiments but also create awareness in customers about the advertised wares.

By holding intriguing Q & A sessions - These will give you invaluable information to fine tune your database and will whip up the interest in your campaign.

By asking for feed back - Will cement your image as the company which cares about the opinion of its customers and will give your customers a platform to express themselves. This in turn will help you determine exact areas of improvement.

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